Noticed by their “covers” of the mythical group AC/DC. the Ducks decided to create their own repertoire and released in 2008 their first album : -ROCK YOUR FASHION Having learnt from this first experience, the second album -BACK’N’FORTH- will be more polished and will be noticed by the famous Parisian Producer Gerard Drouot.

In June 2012. Thanks to Gerard’s support, they will move up in the lather and present “WE ARE THE ELECTRIC DUCKS AND WE PLAY ROCK N ROLL” under Gerard Drouot Productions & Publishing label selling more than 10 000 copies. This sucess will allow them to perform at major leagues venues opening for top Artist such as Scorpions. Thin Lizzy et Chickenfoot.

In June. 2013. the group meets Michel Bricourt who concretizes a partnership leading them to produce a new opus in the prestigious Vancouver Warehouse Studio a few months after. Recorded and mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC. Airbourne. Bryan Adams. Norah Jones. etc.) and Eric Mosher (Justin Bieber. AC/DC. Led ZEP. etc.). the album is considered by these two top international producers as one of the best ever produced and mixed by them.

As off today. the Ducks performed at 700 concerts in Germany. Luxembourg. France. Switzerland. Belgium and England.

Today the Ducks are ready to seduce North America with this first single of their new album CHANGE YOUR MIND” scheduled for release on March 25th.